Persimmons have their origins in Ancient China, where it is known as "the food of the gods", and although the fruit grows well in many areas of Australia, it is largely misunderstood, and under-eaten in this country. They have a very high nutritional value, being a good source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene.  They have twice the dietry fibre of an apple, as well as higher levels of many minerals and antioxidants. 

Our persimmons come into season mid April and we continue harvesting them through until late May, sometimes early June. The type of persimmons we grow are the Non-Astringent type, not the old-fashioned Astringent type. We grow two varieties, which we produce to sell to both local/domestic and export markets. These are called Makaewa Jiro (Jiro) and Fuyu. They are a sweet fruit and are ready to eat as soon as good colour is achieved, and whilst still crunchy (like an apple).  Depending on personal preference, they can also be left to be eaten at various stages of ripening - even soft & squishy, as if it were an astringent variety.

During our season (mid-April & May) we run 'pick-your-own' of our persimmons.  For a small fee, it is possible to come and pick-your-own persimmons.  Please see our 
PickYourOwn  page for full information, as bookings are necessary.

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