At our orchard we grow a number of varieties of Nectarines, Peaches, Persimmons and Apples. These are available for sale only whilst they are each in season, as we value fresh products and do not want to dissatisfy customers.  We sell both first and second grade fruit from our shed door. 

We grow 5 varieties of nectarines (2 varieties of white flesh and 3 yellow flesh). Nectarines are the first fruit to mature in our season, begining in early November and are usually all picked by the end of December. The two white flesh varieties are Sub-Acid, meaning there is a lower percentage of acid in comparison to suger, making for a sweeter piece of fruit.  

All of our peaches are white flesh peaches. Some of these are the sweet ZEE-SWEET variety. Our first peach matures in mid November with our last finishing in mid January. All our peaches are also sub-acid as are our nectarines. These are grown to eat when crisp and firm (not soft) , but they will also eat well if allowed to mature slightly past this stage.

Our first apple of the season is the Gala, which is harvested from late January onwards, making us one of the earliest apple producers in Australia. We look after our shed sales fruit by picking and placing them in our cool rooms as soon as possible, therefore guaranteeing the freshness of this fruit. Later on in the season we also have Fuji and Pink-Lady apples.

We Grow two varieties of beautiful sweet non-astringent persimmons. We begin picking these mid April and the season usually extends to the first week of June. More information is available on our 
Persimmons page.

We also sell local PURE HONEY - the best around, with the hives on our property & surrounding areas.

Below is a summary table of our maturity dates of each variety of our fruit.
We freshly crush our Apple Juice here on the orchard throughout the year. We sell directly from the orchard as well as to supermarkets and grocers via various distributors. Check out our
 Juice page for more information and a list of stockists.
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