Cedar Creek Black Label Apple Juice

It is our belief that if we can get people to taste our juice that it will sell itself. People often comment about how "It actually tastes like apples".  Cedar Creek apple juice is a blend of various types of apples, creating its own unique taste, and is freshly crushed on our orchard, 
here in Thirlmere.  The Silm family have been making apple juice for over 30 years!  Our product is 100% Australian, made with fresh apples grown by Aussie farmers, and it is 100% juice with no preservatives, no added sugar, no added water, and most importantly, NO CONCENTRATES.  It is truly an exceptional product, as any apple juice drinker would be able to tell you after tasting it, and it is a suitable and very healthy product for children.   

Look for the 'Horticulture Australia' (APAL) stand AT THE 'FOOD FARM' (White Pavillion) Show Map Ref. E-20.

To make our outstanding product, we use the following process:
Firstly we crush the apples in an apple press & then store the freshly crushed juice in large tanks for 2 days to allow the sediment to settle.
Next we filter the juice through many fine filters to make it crystal clear.
 It is then heated to 80 degrees to pasteurize the juice. We then vacuum seal the juice. This procedure makes our product shelf stable  for 6 months as long as the vacuum isn’t broken. Thus making our product not only healthy, but also easy to store & deliver from a distributors point of view.   

Once the juice is opened it needs to be refrigerated.
Most of the apple juices available these days are products made partially or wholly from imported concentrates.  Here is your chance to say ‘no’ to the big multi-nationals and BUY AUSTRALIAN!
Cedar Creek Apple Juice has a long shelf life, and therefore it can be stored on the shelf until refrigerating for use.  The best before dates are at least 6 months from date of bottling.  Our Apple & Blackcurrant juice is 98% apple, with blackcurrant concentrate added.  It is not an artificial flavouring or colouring.

Our Juice Products
Sizes            Available in         
300ml         Cedar Creek Black Label Apple Juice 
                   Cedar Creek Gold Label Apple & Blackcurrant Juice
1 ltr            Cedar Creek Black Label Apple Juice    
2 ltr           Cedar Creek Black Label Apple Juice
       Cedar Creek Gold Label Apple & Blackcurrant Juice
                  Apple Crush Cloudy Apple Juice
3 ltr           Cedar Creek Black Label Apple Juice


Check out your closest HARRIS FARM MARKETS store.  This chain of fresh produce stores have many stores located throughout Sydney, and also regional areas.  See their website for locations: www.harrisfarm.com.au. 

Our main distributor in Sydney is THE MARKET GROCER, located at Sydney’s Flemington Markets.  You could phone them, for the name of a stockist in your local area – Ph: (02) 9764 4044.  They also distribute to some areas outside of Sydney.


Woolworths Stores in S.W. Sydney only -  Tahmoor,  Bowral,  Mittagong,  Camden,  Narellan,  Oran Park,  Mt. Annan,  Corrimal,  Figtree,  Fairy Meadow,  Wollongong Central, 

 Bowral                         -    Anchors Fruit & Veg
                                      -    Harris Farm Markets
Bargo                            -    Bargo Butcher
                                      -    Khan's IGA
Camden                        -    Camden Fruit Barn - Elderslie
Campbelltown             -    Filled with Fruit,  Campbelltown Mall
Canberra                       -    Check with our Distributors -  timeproducts@bigpond.com
Darkes Forrest              -    Glenbernie Orchard
Goulburn                      -     Farmer Feld's Fruit Barn
Mittagong                    -     Highlands Fresh
Moss Vale                     -     Jim's Fruit Barn
Orchard Hills                -     Orchard Hills Fruit Barn
Picton                           -     Khan's Supa IGA
The Oaks                       -    The Oaks Fruit Shop
Thirlmere                      -    Thirlmere IGA
Yerrinbool                     -    Tennessee Orchard - only open during fruit season

Every Saturday - open 8.00am to 12noon.  (However this market has moved to Child's Park, Chipping Norton, since October, 2015)

VARIOUS OTHER PRODUCE MARKETS - Keep an eye out for it!

Cedar Creek Orchard, 269 Mulhollands Rd Thirlmere, NSW 2572 Australia. Phone: +61 246 818 457
Email us at: enquiries@cedarcreekorchards.com.au